This non-promotional roundtable series has been organised by the Royal Osteoporosis Society in partnership with UCB Pharma Ltd. The ROS has recruited and organised the faculty, and had responsibility for the agenda; while UCB provided funding and supported the concept and development for this roundtable series.

Fracture Prevention – Restore, Rebuild and Reset

Delivering core NHS and care services during the pandemic and beyond

Thank you for registering to the series of free webinars from The Royal Osteoporosis Society, in partnership with UCB. Presenting three interactive expert roundtable webinars, the ROS and UCB explored how to optimally deliver effective, accessible and equitable fracture prevention in the peri- and post-COVID-19 environment.

The series looked at restoring services, resetting expectations, and embracing innovative and ambitious solutions to rebuild for optimal quality, coverage and musculoskeletal health. Together, we drew on your experiences over the past few months, along with the expertise of our diverse panel, to develop a blueprint for the future of fracture prevention services.

The content of these webinars is intended for healthcare professionals only.

“This series of three webinars undertaken through a close collaboration between the Royal Osteoporosis Society and UCB Pharma Ltd has provided a unique and invaluable platform on which UK experts have come together with patient representatives, to thoroughly evaluate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our ability to provide osteoporosis care. The partnership has facilitated the development of exciting and innovative ideas, generating the opportunity to underpin new ways of working and optimisation of primary and secondary fracture prevention, such that services will undergo a step change in reach and quality, and ensure that all those at high fracture risk are appropriately assessed and treated to prevent further devastating fracture events.”

Nick Harvey, Professor of Rheumatology and Clinical Epidemiology, University of Southampton.

Restoration built upon reflection

Recorded on Thursday 16 July


  • Develop understanding of patient narrative in osteoporosis and COVID-19
  • Synthesise intelligence and case studies around the impact of the pandemic on UK fracture prevention pathways
  • Explore learning from non-face to face clinical delivery
  • Explore priorities for restoring services
  • Develop thinking around safe and effective restoration of services

Rebuilding our osteoporosis services peri-COVID-19

Recorded on Thursday 23 July


  • Consolidate thinking around safe and effective restoration of services
  • Address practical challenges with virtual clinics and backlogs
  • Facilitate and drive quality improvement programmes within services including monitoring and support

Resetting the osteoporosis narrative

Recorded on Wednesday 29 July


  • Share learning outcomes and narrative for the future of osteoporosis services
  • Identify support from ROS to shape and deliver services in the future
  • Inform building of clinical networks and resource to support

Meet the panel

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August 2020